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Customize your documents with custom messages and fine print. You can also send your documents via email directly from JobCloser and track communication

JobCloser PDF Invoices & Proposals

Posted by Mark Hardin on 06/18/2018

Customize your documents with custom messages and fine print. You can also send your documents via email directly from JobCloser and track communication.

Envelope Ready

The days of mailing invoices is virtually dead, but if it's still your thing...you're in good shape. Just download your invoice as a PDF and print. This can be done by navigating to the invoice and clicking "Actions" and selcting "Download PDF."

If you have automatic invoicing enabled, your customers will receive a PDF copy to their email on the night of the job or at the end of the month as you've set in your settings. Also, you can manually send your invoices and proposals to an email address by clicking the "Send via Email" action under actions.

Custom Messages

You can add a custom message to a specific invoice by navigating to the appropriate invoice, and enter a note. Any copy of the invoice that is viewed after this is entered will see a custom message on it.

The Fine Print

Want to charge financing fees for late payment, thank them for their business, or add product warnings? Add this information to every proposal and invoice by navigating to your "Settings" under the management heading. From there, click the "Fine Print" tab and add your appropriate fine print :)

PDF Invoices & Proposals
Notes & Attachments
By Ashley Hardin on 06/15/2018

Add unlimited notes and attachments (signed agreements, design plans, photos, pdfs) to your customers, jobs, and leads. JobCloser manages the chaos and organizes everything for you.

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Scheduling Jobs
By Mark Hardin on 06/11/2018

Drag and drop your jobs using the JobCloser calendar from your phone or desktop and print out your daily route. You can also enable settings for events to show in red if the job was not marked complete

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Customer Feedback
By Matthew Allers on 06/08/2018

Enabling the customer satisfaction survey setting will send an email to your customer 48 hours after the job is completed. Customer's can rate your service and provide valuable feedback. You can also send a link to your Angie's List or Home Advisor page

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Automatic vs Manual Invoice Settings
By Chris Call on 06/04/2018

Just a few of the many JobCloser settings you can toggle to get your invoicing setup just the way you like it. Most companies have found that enabling "Automatic Invoicing" by the job improved their cash flow almost immediately

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