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Join the JobCloser family and spread the word. We will even reward you for your efforts for the life of your referral. Learn more below:

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What is the JobCloser affiliate program?

Good question, it's a program we built to reward people who refer users to JobCloser. We give 15% back each month for each referral. We will even direct deposit your check each month on the 1st day of the month.

Wow, each month? That sounds like it could really add up. It does, in fact this is how we compensate our sales staff. We want to reward and encourage everyone who loves JobCloser to spread the word. Getting started is easy, just click the "Get Started Now" button and fill out the required information to get your affiliate account setup.

How do I log in?

My Account or Create My Account

How much do I earn?

15% of the referral each

How long do I get paid?

For the life of the account

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