Looking for a world class SaaS CRM to white label?

You're in the right spot. The JobCloser platform natively supports white-labeling and new instances can be spun up in a matter of minutes.

Build your own brand, run your own ads, and grow your own business licensing the JobCloser platform.

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Starting at $50k

Create A Company. Sell Subscriptions. Build A Brand.

What all do I get with a white label license?

  • Subscription Revenue
  • CC Processing Revenue
  • System Hosting
  • Website Hosting (if needed)
  • Customer Support
  • Daily System Updates
  • Custom Development
  • Super Admin Capabilities
  • Management Tools
  • Ticketing System
  • Metrics & Reports
  • And More
All purpose. With purpose.

JobCloser is a field service platform that serves small, medium, and large organizations across a variety of verticals. Each white labeled instance is customized with your brand / identity, and marketed to the vertical of your choice.

Getting started?

To get started, open a support ticket or contact us. You will be required to fill out an application with your business details, vertical direction, and more.

Can I keep subscription revenue? Merchant processing revenue?

Yes, once your application is approved, you'll be required to sign a license agreement that discusses profitability and details on responsibilities. In most cases, licensees can have subscription revenue directly deposited each morning at 8AM.

What will you need from me?

To spin your instance up, we'll need to get some of the basics. Things like logos, color schemes, domain information, and email settings are just a few of the items we'll need to get your instance functional. This process usually goes quickly if you have your brand / identity ready to go.

How do I get updates?

Our software development team is building new features every day of the week. As new features are developed and added, your instance receives real time updates as they're deployed to the SaaS environment - nothing to download or install.

Do you offer custom add-ons and features?

Yes, we listen to every request and in most cases will implement new features if the request is good fit for the platform as a whole. Development rates start at $185/hr and each request is scoped, quoted, and agreed on before any development takes place. If a bug is identified, they are fixed at no cost.

Can I bring my own merchant processor?

Yes, we have existing relationships with Braintree, Stripe, Paya, and Fortis. Our team has built integrations with a number of other processors and always happy to add new processors to the mix.

Is my white label SaaS agreement transferable?

Yes, if you find yourself wanting to sell your business down the road, rest assured you can always transfer your agreement to another party. Just contact us if / when this happens.

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