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Track employee hours, pay, and trends with JobCloser’s newest feature. Manage employees and compare employee performance over a given period of time

JobCloser Time Management

Posted by Ashley Hardin on 08/05/2018

Track employee hours, pay, and trends with JobCloser’s newest feature. Manage employees and compare employee performance over a given period of time

Getting Started

To get started, you'll need to make sure you have your employees setup correctly.  This is easy, just follow the following steps to get your employees setup in JobCloser:

  1. Navigate to "Time Management" under your Management heading
  2. Click "Actions" in the top right and select "Employees"
  3. Click "Add New Employee" 
  4. Fill out the form and click "Save"
  5. Be sure to assign an hourly rate if you plan to pay your employees with the time management report

Wash, rinse, repeat this until all of your employees are setup. Now that you have your staff setup, you can clock your employees in and out manually from the employee screen or by clicking "Actions" and selecting "Clock Management."

Clocking In and Out

Employees can be clocked in and out several different ways. Most people setup a pin number for each employee, and employees can clock in / out using the JobCloser app (or via any browser).  Employees will use their employee number + pin number to access the clock. Just tell your staff to download the JobCloser app and click the link to access the clock. Employees will enjoy a quick and painless way of clocking in and out.

You can also manually create time entries for each employee from the Time Management screen by clicking "Actions" and clicking "Add New Entry."  Simply select the employee, time in, and time out and you're ready.

We offer 2 graphs to view a breakdown of employee performance by hours and by pay.  These graphs are used to show a quick snapshot of who is working the most hours, etc.


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